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Louthan Gunworks and Louthan Coatings are both Emergency Responder owned and located in Stillwater Oklahoma specializing in firearm gunsmithing and refinishing.  We provide many services such as Hot Salts Bluing, Slow Rust (Fume) Bluing, and Ceramic Coatings.  We are factory trained and certified by Cerakote, trained in KG Gunkote, and an Approved Applicator of Gun Candy.  

Louthan Gunworks

Louthan Gunworks holds an 07 Manufacturers FFL and Manufacturers SOT License.  We can order new or repair old!

Louthan Coatings

Louthan Coatings is a division of Louthan Gunworks that specializes in the coating of Engine Components, Exhaust components, Golf Clubs, Insulated Cups, ect.

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Louthan Gunworks & Coatings

7900 S. Western Rd. Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074

(405) 880-6582